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Here is a list of FAQ that JEI Learning Centre receive. Please read the information and contact the nearest learning centre if you have any further questions.

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When are JEI centres open? JEI Centres are generally open starting in the early afternoon hours on most weekdays. For specific centre hours, please contact your nearest centre.

How often do students come to the centre? Students come to the centre once a week. The weekly session for each subject is 50 minutes long.

What is the student to teacher ratio? Classes have a maximum ratio of 5 students to 1 teacher.

What do students do at the centre? Each week, students receive one workbook per subject they are enrolled in. Instructors will review the key concept pages of the week with the students.

How much homework is there? Students will do the remaining pages of the workbook as homework. JEI recommends they do a few pages daily.

How long does it take to do the homework? It varies by grade. Typically, it will take 15 to 30 minutes per day. The amount of time increases as grades go up.

How do you find out about student progress? Students will take Achievement and Diagnostic tests periodically. In math and English, students take an interim test during each weekly session.

How much is monthly tuition? It varies by centre. Please contact your nearest centre for details.


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