Level A
Level B
Level C
Level D
Level E
Level F
Level G


Level A:
  • Recognize and write lower and upper cases of alphabet letters
  • Learn initial consonant and initial short vowel sounds
  • Learn middle short vowel sounds
  • Learn final consonant sounds and form CVC words
  • Build vocabulary by given topic
  • Sight words to practice key vocabulary
    (ex: and, the, in, or, etc.)
Level B:
  • Learn the sounds of initial R-and L- blends, and final blends
  • Learn long vowel sounds along with vowel combinations
  • Start grammar lessons with parts of speech
  • Learn to distinguish different types of sentences
  • Learn to proofread and start the writing process
  • Decodable stories to incorporate previously learned skills
Level C:
  • Learn about the different types of nouns (person, place, or thing)
  • Learn different verb tenses from simple tenses to perfect tenses
  • Learn adjectives and adverbs, and comparative & superlative forms of adjectives
  • Learn how to form a paragraph and find the main idea of a paragraph
  • Learn how to use dictionaries and alphabetical order
  • Introduce synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and analogies
  • Incorporates previously learned skills into short stories
Level D:
  • Introduce indefinite pronouns, articles, and determiners
  • Subject and verb agreement of a sentence
  • Differentiate between main and helping verbs in a sentence
  • Form words using prefixes and suffixes to expand vocabulary
  • Learn different ways to use comma - dates, cities, or series in a sentence
  • Introduce abbreviations and usage of an apostrophe
  • Learn to distinguish fact vs. opinion and real vs. imaginary
  • Learn key words to tell why actions happen
  • Short stories to practice reading comprehension
Level E:
  • Defines four different types of sentences: Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamatory sentences
  • Learn to write simple or compound sentences and avoid using run-on and stringy sentences
  • Learn regular, irregular past, and past perfect verb tenses
  • Introduce persuasive writing and following directions
  • Review problem or confusing words
  • Introduce simile, metaphor, and personification
  • Identify topic sentences and practice outlining the paragraphs
Level F:
  • Introduce demonstrative, reflexive, and intensive pronouns
  • Introduce infinitive verb forms
  • Learn coordinating and subordinating connectors
  • Tell time order of sentences by using adverbs of time
  • Introduce different genres of writings: novel, comedy, play, mystery, etc.
  • Learn to read writer’s point of view and predict future from the writing
  • Learn how to write titles of books, magazines, songs, short stories, etc.
Level G:
  • Introduce complex sentences with subordinating phrases
  • Present different kinds of nouns: concrete, abstract, proper, common, and collective nouns
  • Learn interrogative, subjective, objective, and possessive pronouns
  • Differentiate direct / indirect object of a sentence and distinguish transitive / intransitive verb of the sentence
  • Introduce prepositions and prepositional phrases
  • Learn to use context clues to find the meaning of a word
  • Introduce clipped and blended words
  • Usage of reference materials: encyclopedia, almanac, or newspapers

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