Level D
Level E
Level F
Level G
Level H

Problem Solving Maths

Level D:
  • Finding the missing numbers in addition and subtraction
  • Understanding number line
  • Making addition and subtraction sentences
  • Comparing numbers using inequality symbols
  • Reading and making graphs
  • Counting coins such as quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies
  • Composing and decomposing numbers
Level E:
  • Comparing 3-digit numbers
  • Recognizing unit fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4)
  • Addition and subtraction of 2-digit and 3-digit numbers
  • Inverse relationships between addition and subtraction
  • Counting dollars
  • Understanding symmetric figures
  • Recognizing polygons and their characteristics
  • Telling time and reading calendars
Level F:
  • Multiplication and division of 1-digit numbers
  • Making multiplication and division sentences
  • Finding the amount that a fraction represents
  • Addition and subtraction of 3-digit to 5-digit numbers
  • Recognizing rectangular prisms
Level G:
  • Making multiplication and division sentences
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals
  • Rate problems
  • Finding perimeter of shapes
  • Finding pattern of sequences and desired term from the sequences
Level H:
  • Operations and place values of numbers
  • Word problems with variables
  • Addition and subtraction of mixed numbers
  • Word problems with fractions
  • Measurement with decimals
  • Calculations involving money
  • Perimeter and Area of figures
  • Angles formed by lines and triangles

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